$5 Amazon Gift Card When Your Buy 2 Chobani Creamers


Chobani is offering a free $5 Amazon gift card when you purchase 2 Chobani Coffee Creamers in a single transaction. I love these creamers with just a handful of simple ingredients! You may redeem this offer multiple times through June 21, 2020. Click HERE to upload your receipt for a gift card.

Family Mother’s Day Take Out Specials

A number of restaurants around the Capital Region are offering Mother’s Day family take out deals. Call or order online and pick up curbside (some may deliver). Here a is a sampling of some:



Bountiful Bread

Normanside – (Delmar)

Manhattan Exchange – (Schenectady)


Know of any others? Share in the comments!

Why You Need a Tick Spoon Now

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It’s that time of year when we’re outside and so are the ticks! Last year, I mentioned that a “tick spoon” had come in very handy for us to remove a teeny, tiny tick off my daughter’s thigh. This weekend, we used it again to get a tick off me!

What’s a “tick spoon?” It is this handy little plastic thing:


Just place the opening in the spoon around the neck of the tick and lift up until the skin tents. The tick will then release the skin and you’ll have the entire tick trapped in the spoon- head and all (which is sometimes difficult to do with tweezers.)

This is the nasty little one that came off me! We’re keeping him in a bag just in case we need to test it.

I hate ticks.

Amazon sells tick spoons in 3 packs and they are considered an “essential” item so shipping is still pretty quick! This is a different brand than I have but the same concept and only $3.95 for a 3 pack! (Free shipping with Amazon Prime)

I highly recommend everyone own these as the weather heats up and we are exposed to more ticks. The one on me I picked up in my backyard! The Tick Check brand is $3.95 for a 3 pack and the brand I have, Ticked Off, is $9.95 for a 3 pack. Definitely one of the best things I bought on Amazon!

Free Loaf of Bread TODAY at Bountiful Bread


Bountiful Bread in Stuyvesant Plaza is offering customers a FREE loaf of bread today, Saturday, April 18, 2020. No purchase necessary. Bread choices depend on what is available in-house. Bread will be available outside. One loaf per family. First come, first served. (You may want to call ahead at 518 438-3540 to see what is left).

Bountiful Bread is also offering delivery and curbside pick-up from their menu, taking custom cake orders and offering some dinner packages like this one. Yum!

$10 Off Walmart Grocery Delivery or Curbside Pick up

Last week I placed my first ever Walmart grocery order. It was so simple (though sometimes the site was unavailable due to the volume of use right now). I ordered groceries to be delivered (there is a $10 delivery fee but pick up is free) and they arrived exactly when they said they would on a Sunday morning at 9 AM!

I often order online from ShopRite but their site has been largely unavailable (and they don’t deliver to my house). I did not find all my usual items at Walmart but did manage to order LOTS of items and the total price was much lower than I am used to at other grocery stores. Here are a few great deals:

16 oz pretzels for .82 cents/bag

16 oz organic salad boxes for $3.86

Thin wheat crackers for $1.02/box

My FAVORITE part about ordering from Walmart is that after I submitted my order, I could continue to add to and edit my order until the delivery date! That is a HUGE advantage and it was so easy to use the Walmart app and add items as I ran out during the week.

Try it and get $10 off your order when you use my referral link. The discount is only good for new users and will be applied at checkout when you spend $50 or more.


Schwan’s Food Delivery: 50% Off


I recently placed my first Schwan’s order in a long time and was glad I could order chicken, burgers, fruit and easy to prepare meals (everything is frozen) that were delivered directly to my home- and at 50% off!

Here is what I received for $66.37 total (delivery was free but took several days to arrive):

Fully Cooked Oven-Baked Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets (2 lb)
Black Angus Beef Burgers (8)
Five-Cheese Garlic French Bread
Rising Crust Five-Cheese Pizza
2 Classic Crust Four-Cheese Pizzas
Multi-Grain Loaf (6)
Diced Potatoes O’Brien
Golden Fruit Blend (24 oz)
Quick-Bake French Fries
Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas (4)
Triple Berry Blend (24 oz)
Tropical Fruit Blend (24 oz)

I used the code FIFTY to get 50% off an order (valid up to $100 orders so max value is $50) for first time customers (It was many years ago I had last ordered so I was considered “new”). This code is valid until June 30, 2020.  In addition, when I signed up for their mailing list, they sent me another code for 50% off.

The frozen pizzas (I had heard from a friend they are good!) where on sale when I bought 3. (Schwan’s has different sales each week.)


In the past, I used to order just their multigrain bread because they were so good! They still sell them.

Kids wanted french fries so we got a big bag!

When the Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas arrived, I realized they were also loaded with vegetable and jalapeños! My kids, who usually pick vegetables out of things, ate them all and loved them! Didn’t find them spicy at all. That was a win!

Misfits Market Still Delivering Fresh Produce to Your Home

With all the limits we need to place on leaving our homes in the current situation, it is a relief that some companies are still delivering to our homes. My Misfits Market box this week has been delayed by one day but arriving tomorrow stocked with fresh organic fruits and vegetables!

Here is a photo of what was in my last box (a few funny looking parsnips but otherwise beautiful produce!):

To limit our trips out of the house, we have Misfits Market deliver produce and Meadowbrook Farms Dairy deliver our milk and eggs. I’m looking into Schwan’s, too, and will share a new customer code!

If you want to try Misfits Market, you can use my referral code COOKWME-EK6YDS at checkout to get 25% off your first subscription box (I’ll also get 25% off a future box and you’ll get 25% off future boxes if you refer friends- win-win!). You can also customize your box to select the produce you want- and can add extra marketplace items!

Enjoy, eat healthy and stay safe!

Lowe’s: Kids Build a Mini Bulldozer

Kids can make a free mini bulldozer at Lowe’s stores on Saturday, April 11.  Sign up online to build this fun toy! Space is limited.

Bountiful Bread Shamrock Cookie Decorating for Kids

**UPDATE: This event has been cancelled.**

Bountiful Bread is hosting a kid’s St. Patrick’s Day cookie decorating event on Sunday, March 15th from 9am-2pm!
Cost is $5 per child and includes one shamrock-shaped sugar cookie, a variety of frosting colors and sprinkles!

Parents/guardians receive 10% off their order during the event.
Call or sign-up online!

Kids Make a Free Magical Ornament at JCPenney March 14

JCPenney stores are holding a free kid’s event in stores on Saturday, March 14th. Visit a store from 11 AM – 12 PM where kids can craft their own magical guardian door ornament! Parents will receive a coupon for 10% off their in-store purchase.