$10 Off Walmart Grocery Delivery or Curbside Pick up

Last week I placed my first ever Walmart grocery order. It was so simple (though sometimes the site was unavailable due to the volume of use right now). I ordered groceries to be delivered (there is a $10 delivery fee but pick up is free) and they arrived exactly when they said they would on a Sunday morning at 9 AM!

I often order online from ShopRite but their site has been largely unavailable (and they don’t deliver to my house). I did not find all my usual items at Walmart but did manage to order LOTS of items and the total price was much lower than I am used to at other grocery stores. Here are a few great deals:

16 oz pretzels for .82 cents/bag

16 oz organic salad boxes for $3.86

Thin wheat crackers for $1.02/box

My FAVORITE part about ordering from Walmart is that after I submitted my order, I could continue to add to and edit my order until the delivery date! That is a HUGE advantage and it was so easy to use the Walmart app and add items as I ran out during the week.

Try it and get $10 off your order when you use my referral link. The discount is only good for new users and will be applied at checkout when you spend $50 or more.


2 thoughts on “$10 Off Walmart Grocery Delivery or Curbside Pick up

  1. last time the link for Walmart 10.00 off your order with pick up was posted I tried 2-3 times a day and no times were available.Today I tried again and their are no times available at least until next Friday

    • Friday was the earliest I could get this week, too. (But I couldn’t get anything at ShopRite or Price Chopper at all!)
      Sometimes more times open up- I have heard to try EARLY each morning.

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