$20 Misfits Market Credit

My favorite food delivery company is by far Misfits Market. If you have not ordered from them lately, I think you will be amazed with their product selection- it is sooooo much more than organic fruits and veggies now.

I have been ordering pantry staples that I typically find at stores like Whole Foods for great prices and organic meat for better prices than I can find anywhere, especially when the entire box is shipped to my door for only $4.50. (These photos are samples from some of my orders)

Another favorite find is their penny shop. They don’t alway have it but sometimes on their homepage if you scroll down, they will have a selection of items for just one penny! You may pick one per order. These might be slow sellers or items expiring soon but who can pass up a grocery item for a penny?

Right now, Misfits is offering a special deal of $20 off when you buy a box with my referral link. Check it out today.

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