30% Off Misfits Market Fruit and Vegetable Box!

If you have been wanting to try Misfits Market or just to increase your fruit and veggie intake in general, July is the time to do it! Misfits Market is offering 30% off your first box if you order in July! Just click HERE to use my referral link for the discount.

I receive the smaller size “Mischief” size box every other week and there’s lots in it! With the discount code, it comes to less than $18 shipped! And it’s all organic! (Then, if you refer others in July with YOUR referral link, you’ll get 50% off your next box!)

I had intended to pause my subscription starting this week since I belong to a local CSA in the summer BUT I forgot and this week my box arrived! Oops. Though I am happy to also have the organic FRUIT that is included with Misfits Market box (it does not come with my CSA share):

So…..we have lots of veggies to eat this week!

I made a “Zucchini Pie,” which the hubby loved:

And pasta was sautéed garlic scapes and chard plus kale chips, which, fortunately my kids will eat, too!

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