5 Ways to Find Coupons for Your Shopping Trip

If you follow my blog, you know I love coupons! I always use coupons when I shop and lately I have managed to save between 25-30% on my grocery shopping trips with coupons! Here are five easy ways to find coupons for your shopping trips:

1) Sunday paper

Most of you know this is probably the best resource for coupons due to the inserts in the paper. Don’t forget to check out the whole newspaper for bonus coupons in advertisements, store coupons in supermarket inserts and coupons in “Parade” magazine.  It’s worth the cost of the paper for the amount of money you can save with these coupons.

2) e-Coupons

One of the hot new ways to use coupons is by loading them onto your store loyalty cards. Price Chopper has e-coupons on their website as does ShopRite; both of these will deduct savings at the register. SavingStar is another option for e-coupons; this method allows you to load coupons onto multiple loyalty cards but rather then a deduction at the register, you earn gift cards every time you save $5 (I like SavingStar because you can also pair them with paper coupons!).

3) Printable Coupons

There are lots of websites now where you can print coupons right from your computer. My favorite is coupons.com (they have the biggest selection) and I also regularly visit Coupon Network and RedPlum. These sites frequently add new coupons and they often change their coupons on the first day of the month, so check back regularly.

4) Manufacturer Websites

Some companies make coupons available on their websites for printing. When making your shopping list, check the websites of products you know you will buy. For example, many people love Chobani yogurt but you can only find coupons on their website, which you may print 3 copies of! You can also email companies to request coupons and they  will often send multiple, high-value coupons in the mail.  Sign up on sites such as P&G where you can request multiple product coupons at once (to be mailed to you…often with samples!).

5) Facebook

With almost 1 billion people now using Facebook, this has become a main method for companies to connect with the public. To entice customers to like their Facebook page and visit it often, many companies offer exclusive coupons you can print right from their Facebook page (think Price Chopper). If you have a company/product you like, look them up on Facebook and see if they have a coupon tab or any mention of special offers.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Find Coupons for Your Shopping Trip

  1. Some people, like those on “Extreme Couponing”, often buy their coupons from others or on eBay. I have heard of several other ways they score loads of inserts such a raiding recycling bins, asking neighbors to drop all coupon inserts in their bin or knowing someone who delivers papers and gives them the extra inserts (lucky!).

    My co-workers and I bring in our inserts and share coupons we don’t use. Other ways to get multiples is picking them up from discarded papers at coffee shops/libraries on Sunday evening, asking family members to save their inserts for you or organizing a coupon swap with friends.

  2. I see some people with PILES of Sunday paper inserts with coupons. Do you have any idea how people do this? I’m curious if they obtain them through questionable methods…

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