A Tour of Market Bistro by Price Chopper

This week, I had a really fun opportunity to tour the new Market Bistro by Price Chopper in Latham. Several local bloggers, including my fellow coupon blogger Sheila from A Super Savvy Saver, and I were treated to an exclusive tasting tour of the Market Bistro by Price  Chopper staff and members of the Golub family.

Here are a few highlights:


Here’s a view of some of the shops on “Bistro Boulevard”


Check out just the lettuce selection alone at “Veggies and Greens.”  (Super fresh and the prices aren’t bad) If you dine in, your salad is served on a chilled plate that stays cold for 45 minutes!



Price Chopper installed their own smoker and got rave reviews for their ribs, pulled pork and half chickens at the “The Plump Hen.”


This was my favorite sample- a delicious lobster roll at “Back Bay Fish Fry!” A bit pricey at just under $17 because they use 2 lobsters and really- it was GOOD!


Home of that fabulous lobster roll and other fresh seafood goodies.


Next we headed over to sample some “modern” sushi. Amazing!



The “Hybrid Sushi” counter had a HUGE selection to choose from and it was just beautiful. They even make sushi platters to go for parties- or just dinner!


Hamburger, turkey burgers and black bean burgers all made fresh and customized as you’d like it at “Custom Burgers.” Price Chopper nixed the traditional bun for a grilled brioche roll. (The little details for each item are one of the things that makes the Market Bistro unique.)


The Cheese Shop….next to your average cheese counter was a delightful counter with over 100 unique cheeses from around the world. Want to try one? Just ask and they’ll give you a sample! We tried a few samples here including an amazing Merlot cheese and a NYS raw raspberry honey. Loved them!


Next we hit the Italian area. Can you believe the sausage selection??


The freshly made pastas in the Italian section look beautiful and taste, well, fresh! (Yes, we were quite full by this point but kept on going!)


A few more Italian specialties


Here you can fill a bottle with olive oil infused with flavors like garlic or unique balsamic vinegars such as blueberry. About $10 a bottle, which is less expensive than some of the local olive oil stores.


My picture doesn’t do this justice but this just may be the best deal in the store. For $6, you can have them pack a meal to go with one entree and two sides. The food in this counter looked beautiful. If you want to dine in, they will heat it for you.



Quite the olive bar!


Price Chopper’s NYC-style deli “Ben and Bill’s” is located in the Latham store now, too. Huge deli sandwiches and pickles and a unique soda we sampled- traditional celery soda.


Our final tasting was the most fun- ice cream! At “Scoops and Smiles” they serve Perry’s ice cream with homemade whipped cream and a signature strawberry shake made with fresh strawberries. It.was.incredible.









“Stone Fired Pizza” sells Price Chopper’s traditional Corner to Corner pizza along with their new stone fired pizza.












So, needless to say, this was a FUN experience! The rest of the store has been renovated, too, and looks just beautiful with wood floors and soft lighting. They have also greatly expanded their inventory to include a large variety of gluten-free, natural and organic products. Prices are the same as other local Price Chopper stores.

The Latham store is a bit out of my way for regular shopping but I will certainly be stopping by here when it’s convenient. This is the perfect place to shop when it’s lunchtime and you want to feed the kids- our yourself- before you buy everything in the store! 😉

Here are a few more fun things about the store:

  • “Chef’s Grill” will be opening later in March. It will be licensed restaurant operated inside Market Bistro by Price Chopper serving some pretty impressive meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with a liquor license and nice seating area around the grill or at booths and tables.
  • Market Bistro by Price Chopper is open now but will be holding their grand opening at the end of March. I am sure we will see plenty in the news about it- and hopefully a few coupons!

Again, another picture that doesn’t do it justice but here is where we first met up- at their new cooking school! Yes, Market Bistro will soon be opening a cooking school right inside their store. A gorgeous kitchen that they will also rent out for parties with a personal chef!


These are a few of the goodies I got to bring home. Love the new canvas shopping bags, too!














Finally, I had to leave you with a good “find”…….this store has deals and clearance items, too! Here’s a good one:


K-cup packs marked down to $2.50! There were a variety of flavors in the cart.

Have you been there yet? Let us know what you think! Comment here or on Facebook.

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