Big Clearance Sale at Babies R Us

Babies R Us is having a GREAT sale on infant and toddler clothing right now (newborn to 5T). Tons of racks of clothing are marked down plus you get to take an additional 50% off the lowest price! I found clothing for all seasons. Here’s a photo from the Latham store:


Lots of great deals. Here is my favorite item.… a lined, warm infant jacket with sparkly buttons for $7.49 (originally $24.99):


A few other great deals I picked up:


Adorable two-piece toddler outfit for $6.49 (originally $19.99)


Toddler jacket for $2.49!


My two .99 cent finds


Infant 2-piece outfit for $2.49 (originally $14.99)


Infant Disney t-shirt for $1.49 (originally $8.99)


Carter’s pajamas were $3.99 and $4.99 and some were sets of 2.

The signs listed the sale as ending on 1/14 but I would suspect they will go on even higher clearance after that. The cashier told me they were happy to be getting rid of so many of the clothes they had. Works for me! 🙂

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