Big Clearance Sales at Target This Month!

If you are a Target shopper you may already know that the month of January is the month they move tons of merchandise out and hold big clearance sales to do so. There are some GREAT deals to be found at all the local Target stores. Here’s what you can expect this month:

  • If you’ve shopped there recently you will have seen the Christmas/holiday section is now 70% off. Many stores  will be marking it down to 90% off! (Though this photo was taken in East Greenbush where it seemed to be staying at 70.) I like to pick up wrapping supplies and even stocking stuffers for the following year at these great prices but you can also find lots of products that have only Christmas or winter designs on the packages contain products you may use everyday. Look for markdowns on Christmas-packaged items throughout the store such as hand soap, coffee, snacks and even toothpaste! Christmas clearance Target
  • Two times a year Target clearances lots of toys at 70% off: July & January. Several Target bloggers (my favorite is are reporting the big toy clearance will happen next week. What will be on sale? Any toys you see in your Target that are currently 30% or 50% off will be marked down to 70% off sometime next week! Target toy clearance
  • Clothing is also on clearance. There are many, many racks of clothing in all departments marked down from 30-70% off right now and most will end up at 70% off by the end of the month. (Right now you can find some adorable little girl “holiday” dresses for 70% off!) Target clothing clearance
  • You can also find clearance in every department throughout the store from housewares to bedding to food.
    Target clearance

    Bags and organizational items on clearance


  • Look at the tiny number in the upper right hand corner of the red clearance sticker on any item. This will tell you what percentage off it is. Most items will go as low as 70%.
  • Even if the sign only says 30% off, scan it at the price checker because many times it comes up lower! (I found Fisher Price toys today for 70% off when I scanned them but the sign didn’t say that!)
  • Print coupons from Target’s website for extra savings on items throughout the store.

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