Did You Buy These Products?

1) Chobani– You probably heard that various Chobani yogurt products have been recalled for mold. If you bought any that are included in the recall, bring them back to the store where you bought them for a full refund. Read more here.


2) Alexia Foods– A recent class action lawsuit has resulted in a settlement because their claim of “all natural” on some of their products turned out to not be completely true. Click here to see if you bought any included products. If so, you can file a claim for up to 10 products and choose either a refund or free product coupons. It’ll be a few months before you receive the refund but you must file the claim now.


3) Naked Juice- Another class action lawsuit claiming these drinks are not as “all natural” as they claim to be and alleged using GMOs while claiming otherwise. This settlement entitles purchasers to a refund of up to $75. Read more here.



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