Earn Some Freebies: Swagbucks and Bing

Here is my next installment of  easy ways to earn freebies online with reward programs (see previous posts on my Earn Freebies page).

Today’s featured reward programs: Swagbucks and Bing

One of the simpliest ways to earn freebies is with search engines. Swagbucks and Bing are two I use on a regular basis for all my online searches and I earn points every day just by doing this.

How does it work?

  • Register for an account:
    • Click here for Swagbucks and complete a simple registration form
    • Click here for Bing and login with your Facebook or Microsoft account (to make it simple) or quickly open a new account.
  • Simply use Swagbucks.com or Bing.com as your search engine (make one your home page for easy access)
  • Earn points for searches, etc.
  • Redeem your points for gift cards or other prizes.

Here is how you earn points:

  • Swagbucks
    • Searches….about two times a day you will win big points for your searches and will see a message like this:


    • Answer the question on a daily polls for 1 point
    • Enter special codes announced on Swagbucks’ Facebook page, Twitter posts or Blog each day.
    • Do your online shopping through Swagbucks (I still prefer Ebates for this)
    • Watch videos/commercials for 2 points each
    • Complete special offers (these I rarely do….I don’t want the spam!)

Redeem your points for various gift cards or prizes. My favorite is  the Amazon gift card for 450 points. I earn about one per month with just searches, a few daily polls and entering some special codes (email me and I’ll tell you how to find the special codes!).

  • Bing
    • Searches….every 2 searches earns 1 point
    • Earn 1 point every day for a special daily search (click the down arrow next to your name on any Bing search page to see the the daily search)
    • Explore Bing by clicking the “Explore” button on the top of any Bing search page to learn about all the things Bing offers. Earn dozens of points this way.

Redeem your points for gift cards. I don’t use Bing as often but I have earned several Starbucks and Amazon gift cards in the last few months. Bing is a Microsoft product and is known for its beautiful images and great search results.

For both of these programs, there are search bars you can add to your Internet browser to make earning points even more convenient!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for one (or both) and earn free gift cards just by using your computer!

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