Giveaway and Review: Malaysian Palm Oil

One of the companies I met at a recent Moms Meet event was Malaysian Palm Oil.

You may have noticed that palm oil is in almost everything (well, maybe not everything but sooo many products often contain palm oil). Truthfully, I started to avoid it once I learned about the destruction of rain forests to provide the oil– and I certainly have never cooked with it. But I learned a lot from New York Chef Gerard Viverto at this event.

First, Malaysian Palm Oil is red palm oil and is sustainably grown and harvested. If fact, it is a huge contributor to the economy in Malaysia. It is also non-GMO, has no trans fats and is stable at high heats (unlike some oils that can break down and alter the taste of food at high heat).

I received this kit in the mail after the event to try it for free:

The oil looks exceptionally thick and orange in this photo but, like coconut oil, it liquifies as it warms up. (In my warm kitchen cabinet this week it was a deep red liquid!)

Red palm oil DOES turn your food an orange color so it’s best to cook foods with it that you don’t mind having an orange tint. (Note: don’t get it on your clothes or they, too, will be orange!)

I tried it with homemade sweet potato fries, white potatoes and also when broiling salmon (I brush it on top to give the fish a slightly crispy texture). Everything came out great with no altered taste.

I’ve been using it regally now for cooking!

Malaysian Palm Oil can be found in most grocery stores for around $5 a bottle. We are also giving away a FREE bottle for one lucky reader to try.

Want to try it for free? Leave a comment below- have you ever tried cooking with red palm oil? Leave your comment by 7/15 for a chance to win!

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  1. I have never, ever tried cooking with palm oil, but I would love to! What a cool blog article. Those potatoes looks delish!

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