Grocery Store Deals for the Week of February 26th

Price Chopper

This week’s bonus store coupons are:

$2 for Mott’s Snack & Go Applesauce

$1 off Hidden Valley Salad Dressing

.99 cents for Dole Classic Salad

$1 off Keebler Cracker Packs


ShopRite has several coupons available on their website that you can add to your Price Plus card (no need to print!):

.50 cents off new ShopRite Greek Yogurt

$1 off ShopRite Almond Milk

$1 off ShopRite 16 oz Imported Italian Pasta

$1 off ShopRite 16.9oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil

.50 cents off ShopRite Starlight Mints


Print lots of coupons at and

Coupon of the day: Lots of cosmetics have just been marked down to 70% off at Target. Use this coupon to pick something up at a great deal or even free!
$2 off Revlon cosmetic item

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