Holiday Clearance at Target and Walmart

Target has now marked their holiday items (Christmas and a few Hanukkah things) down to 70% off! They sell out fast so check it out soon to stock up on items for next year such as boxes, wrapping paper, cards and lights or pick up some gift or household items to use now. Holiday packaged items such as bath products, lip glosses, matchbox cars and games are 70% off, too. Other Christmas items throughout the store are on clearance for as much as 50% off include Archer Farms coffee in “Christmas flavors”, peppermint Oreos, Scotch tape and scissors. If items are not marked, just scan them. (Note: LOTS of toys are marked down to 50% off and they will be going down to 70% off later in January for Target’s big toy clearance.)

Walmart has also marked down their Christmas items. The signs in most stores read 50% off but if you scan the items, they are really 75% off. They have lots of bath product gift packages and candy.

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