Misfits Market Still Delivering Fresh Produce to Your Home

With all the limits we need to place on leaving our homes in the current situation, it is a relief that some companies are still delivering to our homes. My Misfits Market box this week has been delayed by one day but arriving tomorrow stocked with fresh organic fruits and vegetables!

Here is a photo of what was in my last box (a few funny looking parsnips but otherwise beautiful produce!):

To limit our trips out of the house, we have Misfits Market deliver produce and Meadowbrook Farms Dairy deliver our milk and eggs. I’m looking into Schwan’s, too, and will share a new customer code!

If you want to try Misfits Market, you can use my referral code COOKWME-EK6YDS at checkout to get 25% off your first subscription box (I’ll also get 25% off a future box and you’ll get 25% off future boxes if you refer friends- win-win!). You can also customize your box to select the produce you want- and can add extra marketplace items!

Enjoy, eat healthy and stay safe!

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