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Moms Meet

Last month, I had the chance to attend the WOW! Summit hosted by Moms Meet in Orlando (yes, poor me. Orlando). Moms Meet is an online community “empowering moms to connect, learn and share their thoughts about raising healthy families and living green.”

Featured at the conference were these fantastic products and companies. I met with representatives from Zevia soda (and tried lots of flavors) and Solgar vitamins (my new favorite “clean” vitamin)


I LOVED the Smart Flour pizza that is made with ancient grains instead of white flour.

music togetherAnd I connected with some great brands from New York (yup, flew to Florida to meet these New Yorkers) such as  Maty’s Healthy Products, Kidfresh and Party-Tizers.

Maty'sI’m sharing this with you for 3 reasons:

  1. Some of these brands have offered me FUN giveaways for my readers! More to come on those soon.
  2. This was a great conference that I would love to see more moms attend. (I’m a big fan of natural and healthy products.)
  3. Moms Meet has a “Mom Ambassador” program where you can try and review many of these products and more- for free!

The Moms Meet Ambassador program is a lot like Sign up and you will get email invites to try out certain products with a group of your mom friends and your kids. You won’t get picked for every one but when you do, you get a box of goodies in the mail to try! This month, I was picked to try Kabrita Goat’s Milk Fruit and Yogurt pouches and got this (okay, I admit it sounded odd but my toddler LOVES them!):


This summer, we also sampled CocoVita coconut milk drink pouches (a whole case came in the mail for my daughter and her friends), Fresh Express salads and, mostly recently, So Delicious Yogurt. It’s such a great way to try new products with your mom friends and kids- and a good excuse to have a big playdate!

Apply HERE to join. More to come on the giveaways!

Hello from Florida! At the Mom’s Meet Luau-Themed Cocktail Party!



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