My Favorite Ways to Earn Cash Back When Shopping


Most of us are shopping a lot lately to purchase holiday gifts. Below I am sharing my favorite ways to earn cash back for things you are going to buy anyway.

If shopping online, my favorite cash back site is Ebates. Read more about why HERE.

For shopping in stores, here are my TOP 5 ways to earn cash back with your smartphone:


1. ibotta

I have earned the most money back using ibotta. It works for everything from groceries to movies. After a shopping trip, just open the app and click on the store where you shopped. If any items are listed that you bought, snap a picture with your phone and they give you cash back for it! Each item is usually worth .25 up to $10! Redeem the cash for gift cards.

berry cart

2. BerryCart

BerryCart is just like Ibotta except you can purchase the item at any store. The products listed here are generally healthy foods. A hot item right now: buy ANY produce item at Whole Foods and get .30 cents back. Click HERE for details. Redeem for a PayPal deposit or gift cards.


3. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 has a new list each week of items you can earn cash back on. Pick from things such as produce to salsa to facial care products. Earn $20 and they will mail you a check.


4. Snap by Groupon

Snap is a fairly new app. It is another one that allows you to buy the item at any store. I scan through the list about once a week to see if I purchased any of the items and then snap a photo of my receipt if I did. They frequently have $3 cash back on Huggies, so I earn a lot that way but there are also many produce items available. Earn $20 back and they send you a check.


5. Shopmium

Shopmium has a smaller number of items but many you can redeem multiple times. Click HERE to sign up and if you use the code GHHKMFVY (my referral code) you will get an offer for a FREE Lindt Chocolate bar. Redeem your cash back for a PayPal deposit.


Want not earn extra cash back with these apps? It’s generally quick and easy. Happy shopping!


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