My Price Chopper Trips and New Giveaway!

Saved $70 and only spent $52! (Almost $50 in coupon savings!)

Saved over $100 with $75 in coupon savings!

Two of my last Price Chopper trips have been VERY successful! You can see the amount of money I saved with coupons alone. I’m thinking of doing a post (or two) on how to score great deals like these at Price Chopper. Interested? 

New Giveaway!

Speaking of saving money with coupons…Dry Idea women’s deodorant and antiperspirant recently sent me a free sample of one of their products and coupons to give away for FREE products for my readers! I tried it and really liked it so now you, too, can try their Advanced Dry Roll-On by entering the contest to win a coupon for a free bottle! Enter on the Giveaways page and two lucky wins will be randomly selected on June 30th.

PLUS, Dry Idea is running a sweepstakes of their own for cash prizes and want my readers to enter. Enter here and you could win $50 to $1,000. Good luck!

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