New Giveaway: Siggi’s Yogurt

I have a new favorite yogurt and Whole Foods in Albany may be responsible. My new favorite is Siggi’s. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it (even better, it’s on sale right now until 7/29 for $1.25 at Whole Foods)


I liked it so much, I am now a “Siggi’s Ambassador.” Guess what that means? I have coupons to give away! (And you’ll likely hear a little more about it from me in the coming months.)

Siggi’s tagline is “Simple ingredients, not a lot of sugar.” It is- it’s high in protein (14 grams) and naturally low in sugar (between 9 and 11 grams). It’s incredibly thick due to using 4x’s the amount of milk as other yogurts and straining it. It’s not too sweet and I like that.

Here are a few more reasons I’m a fan: it is produced in Upstate NY, uses milk that is hormone-free and has a cup designed to use 40-50% less plastic than other yogurt cups with a recyclable paper sleeve.

Siggi’s is also sold at ShopRite and Honest Weight Food Co-Op, though only Whole Foods carries their seasonal flavors (this summer, it is Strawberry & Basil- sounds unusual but is actually quite tasty).


Want to try it for free? I’m giving away a 4-pack of coupons to try it for FREE. Enter by leaving a comment below about whether or not you have tried Siggi’s yet.

Winner will be randomly selected on 7/31 at 9 PM and contacted by email. Good luck & enjoy!

****Congratulations to Evie D. for winning the 4 pack!****

26 thoughts on “New Giveaway: Siggi’s Yogurt

  1. I love Siggi’s! I’ve only tried it once, but it was so creamy and delicious and I love that it doesn’t have a ton of sugar. I want to try more, so I’m really hoping to win the coupons!

  2. I had given up on flavored yogurt –too much sugar– before I discovered Siggi’s.

  3. I’m head over spoon in love with siggi’s! I’ll never look at yogurt the same 😉

  4. havent tried it yet but i definently would love too! thanks for the chance

  5. I have not but don’t enter me as I am in Montana and we don’t have Whole Foods or Shoprite here. It sounds really yummy though. I love the eco friendly packaging.

    • They also carry Siggi’s at Stop & Shop, Safeway, Fred Meyer and Super Target stores….do you have near you?

  6. Sounds delicious! I haven’t tried these yet, nor have I gotten to Whole Foods yet, but hopefully soon for both.

  7. Love yogurt, and love trying new ones! and love that it comes from upstate NY!

  8. I tried the vanilla flavor and loved it. Will definitely get more now that it’s on sale. Coupons would be great!

  9. Hi Erin! Can’t wait to try Siggi’s! I’m hoping to get the Girls hooked too. Thanks for the great suggestion. I love Whole Foods so happy that We finally have one.

  10. I have enjoyed Siggi’s for just over a year now. They used to sell them at Hannaford on Wolf Rd but stopped this spring, much to my dismay. I was so happy to see them at whole foods. AND ON SALE! My favorite is blueberry. I have been spoiled by them. I can no longer tolerate the major brands, they are too sweet. I would love some coupons too!!!

  11. I have not tried Siggi’s yogurt yet. I would love to try it because Siggi’s yogurt must be delicious with all of its good qualities that you describe.

  12. Yumm! I’m on the search for a reasonably priced delicious local yogurt! I need to try these, I shop at the co-op… I’ll have to look for these.

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