Old Navy Clearance Deals

I stopped into the Old Navy store at Crossgates today and was impressed with all their great clearance deals! Lots of items were 75% off or more! Here are a few of what I found:


Doesn’t look like it here but lots of fleece infinity scarves left marked down from $8.94 to $1!


Sorry for the blurry photo….these “coated rock star jeans” were 75% off


75% off sequin tanks


75% off performance fleece


Toddler girl fleece jackets marked down to $3.74!


Boy’s clothing (and men’s) are on clearance, too! Fleece separates for 75% off…as low as $2 each!


“Frost free vests” marked down from $29.94 to $8! Lots of colors and sizes when I was there.

There were clearance deals in every department- even for your dog! I picked up two toddler fleece jackets and a tunic girl’s top and each item cost less than $4!

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