Organic Produce Delivered to Your Door- 25% Discount Offer

You may be hearing about Misfits Market lately. Misfits Market is a company based in California that collects produce from organic farms that overproduce and or have imperfect fruit/veggies and ship them to you at a huge discount. They now deliver to NY. (Starting March 25th, they will also deliver to MA, RI, VT & NH)

After hearing great things from friends about the boxes of produce they were getting, I signed up to try it.

I get a small “Misfits” sized box every other week and it is the perfect amount for our family. Here is my first box:

Second box came today and had all of this:

I love that it is organic. I love that it saves food from the landfill (50% of produce is thrown away). I love that the boxes include vegetables and fruit.

I also love that you can skip weeks and put your subscription on hold anytime, very easily. (I will do this in the summer when I participate in a local CSA.) After just a couple of weeks, I would highly recommend it.

A small box filled with organic produce is just $19. Shipping to NY is $4.50. If you’d like to use my referral link, we both get 25% off our next box! Click HERE to learn more and get 25% off.

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