Pay Only $15 for a $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card

Today’s deal at is a$25  Barnes and Noble gift card for only $15! These would make great gifts as you will be mailed an actual gift card. Click now before they sell out: Barnes and Noble gift card

PLUS! If you’re new to Save More, you will get a $10 credit towards a future purchase when you sign up! Save More offers lots of great daily deals, including many gift cards for stores in the Capital Region.

Barnes and Noble Deal Features:

  • Valid at all Barnes & Noble stores, Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, and online at Barnes &
  • Unmatched selection of books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs, toys, games, and more
  • May also be redeemed for NOOK eReader devices


2 thoughts on “Pay Only $15 for a $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card

  1. Hi there. Sorry to comment on such an old post. I bought this deal back in December when you shared it and I still haven’t received my gift card. I purchased it, they charged me and I went to the site and redeemed it, but I never got the card. I have tried a few times to call them but it always ends up going to a voicemail and they NEVER call me back. I was wondering if you had purchased this and if you had the same experience. I ended up paying the full $15.00 cause I couldn’t get the site to take the $10 credit off and before I knew it, they charged the $15.00. I wasn’t too disappointed cause I figured I was still getting a deal but now that I never received it and can’t get a hold of them, I feel ripped off.

    • Hi Debi,
      I’m sorry to hear that. I personally did not purchase that one but I have a couple friends who did. I know they found the process a bit confusing b/c you have to redeem the voucher on one site and then use it to “purchase” the gift card on another. Is that what you did? I know my friends did receive them. Hope that helps but let me know if it didn’t.

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