Price Chopper Shopping- How to Get Great Deals (Part 1)

Price chopper deals

 How did I save so much at Price Chopper? I’ll share with you how I get great deals and save 50% or more when I do my grocery shopping at Price Chopper so you can do the same! I have lots of tips to share so I am going to break it into two posts and start with my favorite way to save: COUPONS!

Honestly, I don’t know a way to save lots of money and get great deals without coupons but don’t worry, it’s not as hard as some people think to learn how “to coupon!”

Price Chopper has the best coupon policy in the area and that is why I do the majority of my grocery shopping there. First up, I’m going to share with you what coupons Price Chopper accepts and how to find them.

Price Chopper accepts all of the following:

1)   Manufacturer’s Coupons– The most common kind. Find them here:

  1. In the Sunday paper (I highly recommend you spend $2 for the paper for the amount of money you can save with the coupons inside.)
  2. Online on websites like or Coupon Network
  3. On product websites or their Facebook pages (Look up your favorite products or join their mailing lists.)
  4. In-store coupon booklets (Look for these near the ads when you first enter the store.)

2)   Store Coupons– Price Chopper offers some HOT store coupons every week in 6 main places:

  1. Their Facebook page
  2. Their website
  3. The iSave coupon machine* (near the entrance at every Price Chopper store)
  4. Price Chopper magazines (sent to your home) including the Baby Club and Pet Club
  5. Their weekly circular
  6. Occasionally in the newspaper, too
*The iSave coupon machine now prints both store and manufacturer coupons. Read the top of each to find out which it is (you can combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons for double savings!).

3)   Catalinas– These are the coupons that print at the register when you checkout. Price Chopper has a list (pick one up at the front of any store) of specific products you can buy that will generate Catalina coupons. Plus, the Catalina machine randomly generates other coupons for various products.

Most recently, the machine has been printing coupons for Price Chopper products. I was fortunate to receive one the other day for $7.50 off a purchase of $75– that is a GREAT way to save extra money.

4)   Competitor Coupons– This, I feel, is what puts Price Chopper in the lead for best coupon policy. Price Chopper accepts coupons from local competitors! Where do you find them? My favorite sources are:

  1. coupons
  2.  Rite Aid Video Values
  3.  CVS Coupon Center
  4.  Newspapers (look for coupons such as $5 off a purchase at another store)
  5.  Hannaford store coupons (I post these each Sunday)
  6.  Dollar General coupons 

5)   e-Coupons– There are two main sources for these:

  1. Load them directly on your Advantage card from the Price Chopper website.
  2. Use SavingStar to rack up money towards gift cards

Do you have other good sources for coupons? Please share!

Here’s a sample of my savings from one of my latest shopping trips using coupons (saved $75 with coupons!):


Up next in part 2:  Tips for using coupons and how to find great deals in-store. (Go ahead an seek out coupons now…I’ll show you how to us them next.)

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