Price Chopper Shopping- How to Get Great Deals (Part 2)

Price Chopper deal 2

When I posted part 1 of how to get great deals at Price Chopper, I received a lot of feedback from readers who tried my tips and saved lots of money. Now I’d like to show you how to save even more money at Price Chopper!

I’ve always used coupons to an extent but now that I’ve gotten better(okay, really good) at using them and finding deals PLUS with the healthy competition between our local grocery stores, I’ve cut my weekly grocery bill down by another 30% in the last couple of months- without buying less! Here was one of my latest weekly trips (possibly my best one yet!): 

So here are my next set of tips to help you do the same:

1) Take Advantage of Coupon Deals– Price Chopper offers some great perks when you use manufacturer coupons. My two favorite are:

  1. They double manufacturer coupons up to .99 cents– You can often get free items because of this. Find manufacturer coupons online ( is my favorite source- over 200 coupons!), in the Sunday newspaper, on products websites/Facebook pages…or email companies and ask for them!
  2. You may “stack” coupons– You may use one manufacturer coupon PLUS one store coupon for the same item. Find store coupons in Price Chopper mailings, booklets you may find in store or at the iSave machine at the front of each Price Chopper (read the top of each coupon to see if it says “store coupon.”).

2) Clearance/Marked Down Items– Every Price Chopper is different but many of them have clearance areas. I always scan these areas and often walk away with products I needed at 50-75% off such as:

  • Cereal with a dented box
  • Sunscreen or face lotion that they are no longer carrying (I have found great, all-natural brands to try on clearance.)
  • Diapers witha new package design coming out
  • Oils and vinegars…recently found the $6 champagne vinegar I needed for a recipe for half price!

These clearance bins may be a corner shelf, a shopping cart or a table….look around! You may be surprised what you find there and every week is different.

3) Discounted Fresh Produce/Dairy– Look for their orange or blue markdown coupons stuck on packages expiring soon. I don’t suggest buying 10 yogurts that are expiring tomorrow just because the price is so good (unless you plan to freeze them) but you can find great mark downs on products that still have a decent shelf life.

Look for yogurt, cheese, orange juice, milk, salad and even bags of single bananas that have been marked down. (These are store coupons so they can be “stacked” with manufacturer coupons for the same product, if you have one.) PLUS, if you find a product that is expiring within the week, ask a grocery manager to mark it down for you.

On my above receipt, I had lucked out shopping a morning when the dairy employee had just marked down TONS of yogurt- I picked up lots for free by stacking coupons!

A little Healthy Competition

Have you noticed how competitive Price Chopper has been lately with Hannaford and ShopRite? Use this to your advantage! Remember, Price Chopper is currently the only store in our area that accepts competitor’s coupons so if you find a coupon for another grocery store, bring it with you to Price Chopper and they will happily take it. As I find them around town, I will let you know! Speaking of….did you catch the Hannaford $4 off meat coupon in this week’s Bethlehem Spotlight??? Find up a copy (dated 8/29) today in the Bethlehem area.


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