Register Today- Coupon Class!

***Registration is now closed***

I have heard from many readers that they would love to meet in person to learn the ins and outs of “couponing” so I am announcing my first live couponing class! Those who know me personally know that I work as a public health trainer, teaching everything from CPR to smoking cessation. I love to teach people new things and so a couponing class has become my next exciting venture!

Join me so I can teach you in person how to find the best coupons, how to understand store coupon policies, how to plan your shopping so you can maximum your budget and how to reduce your grocery and drug store spending by at least 30%– and get the same amount! 

Plus, several companies have been mailing coupons to me for participants so you’ll walk away with great coupons and more!

2 thoughts on “Register Today- Coupon Class!

  1. Hi Erin,
    I just wanted to double check to see if I had signed up for your class, I know I meant to , but am now second guessing myself because I didn’t write it in my appointment book, thanks Madelaine

    • Hi Madelaine,
      No, you hadn’t BUT I cancelled the class since next Saturday morning was proving to be a challenging day/time for many people. I decided to do it online instead. It’ll take a little while to set it up but I’ll keep you posted…

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