Regular Girl: Review and Giveaway

Another fun brand I met at the Moms Meet WOW Summit this year was Regular Girl. Their table immediately drew me over with their adorable pink logo and matching marketing materials everywhere. But what is Regular Girl, I asked? It’s a blend of prebiotic fiber and probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system, they told me. Oooh. Okay, I get it.

Not the usual product I write about but while there were many probiotic brands in the expo hall (there are so many health benefits- the industry is growing fast!), this one kept my attention with their attractive marketing, expert consultants who answered all my questions and great (and funny) literature on WHY to use pre and probiotics.

So I signed up to try some and here is what they sent me in the mail (not the cup- I just happen to have matching cups at home 🙂 :


So how do you use this stuff? I’ve used probiotics before but generally in the form of a pill (or just straight up yogurt, which, apparently, is not enough….not to mention also serves you a decent dose of sugar).

Regular Girl came in a package with a scooper (30 days worth, it turns out) and stick packs for on the go. I tried the stick pack first (to make it easy).

I just poured it into my cup and mixed it up. (Tip: add the water first)

I like adding it to a tall glass of water and also squeezing in ÂĽ to ½ of a lemon to start the day (learned this from Joy McCarthy, keynote at the Summit, who recommended it as a way to detox first thing in the morning and stimulate your liver – a good thing).

But wait…..let’s talk about WHY I’d even want to drink this. As I mentioned, i’ve used probiotics but why add prebiotics? Here’s why:

Prebitoics are food for the probiotics. You need these for your probiotics to thrive. However, it is important to choose the right prebiotic fiber that doesn’t result in a upset stomach. Regular Girl uses an all natural, truly regulating soluble dietary fiber derived from the guar bean that has an optimal gut “transit time” (I think you know what I mean).

And why take probiotics? Believe it or not, supplementing with probiotics to improve your gut health actually improves your immune system! Here are some more things it does:

  • Improves the growth of helpful gut bacteria and decreases harmful bacteria
  • Keeps your digestive system in balance- prevents gas, bloating and IBS
  • Improves absorption of minerals, including calcium, iron and zinc
  • Helps supplement what we get from food, which actually is not enough

Even kids can use it (and is perfect for when little ones are sick and when anyone is on antibiotics).

So how does it taste? It tastes like nothing! It’s not gritty or clumpy and does not alter the taste of the drink. It can be added to any drink but I am really enjoying it with lemon water.

I have been using Regular Girl now for a couple months and am very happy with everything about it. NO unwanted side effects and simple to take.

How do you get it? It is not sold in stores but is easy to order online and shipping is FREE! Click HERE to see the products and get 10% off your first order (Note: Regular Girl set up an affiliate link for me when I said I was going to write about the product but all opinions in the post are my own.) If you subscribe for monthly delivery, you get another $5 off. With the discounts, your cost will be about .75 cents a day for this healthy supplement. And good way to start the new year!

Want to try it for free? I have a fun giveaway for you! Regular Girl is offering a Regular Girl Gift Set for one lucky reader that includes the following:

– Regular Girl Starter Kit (15 day supply in a BPA Free water bottle to take with you on the go)
– Regular Girl Carabiner (to carry your Regular Girl Bottle
– Regular Girl Yoga Shirt (available in S,M,L)
– Regular Girl 7 day sample pack (to share with a friend)
– Regular Girl discount coupons
To enter, leave a comment below saying “pick me!” The winner will be notified by email for their address and the kit will be delivered right to their door! Good luck!
P.S.- Regular Girl is gluten free, non-GMO, kosher, vegetarian and has no additives or preservatives!

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