Save with these Healthy Coupons!

You know I love coupons and I love to save money but I am often asked,” How can I save money AND buy healthy products?”

I have a degree in nutrition so I am a big label reader and my shopping list usually consists of natural, organic and fresh products. I avoid buying products with artificial ingredients such as preservatives, food coloring and partially hydrogenated oils.  So what’s left to buy with coupons?

Here are a few coupons you can currently print for HEALTHY products (with a few tips on why I consider them healthy) and stay tuned for a future post on how to save money when buying natural and organic products!

$0.30 off any flavor Yoplait Simplait™ Yogurt

This yogurt is a little higher in fat but has only a few simple ingredients and no artificial colors.

$0.75 off ONE BOX Kix cereal

Kix is one of the few commercial cereals that does not use artificial preservatives (namely BHT) in their packaging. Now if only they would guarantee the corn is non-GMO….

$0.75 off one Simply Cranberry Cocktail, 59 oz

If you like fresh juice in the morning, this will double at PC or ShopRite! The cranberry juice has added sugar but the coupon would likely work on Simply Orange Juice, too.

$1.00 off any TWO packages of DOLE Fruit Bowls

Dole Fruit Bowls are packed in 100% juice, not corn syrup.

$1.00 off any two Happy Tot or Happy Baby Pouches

Happy Tot and Baby products are organic and tasty (so my daughter says)!

$1.00 off ONE Kashi Berry Fruitful cereal

I LOVE Kashi products and Berry Fruitful is delicious! No artificial ingredients or preservatives and made with MANY whole grains.

$1.00 off any TWO Kashi Crackers or Pita Crisps

You can be assured that Kashi ingredients will not be artificial.

$1.00 off any OREGON CHAI product

If you like Chai, Oregon Chai is organic and uses natural sweeteners.

$0.55 off Any So Delicious Dairy Free Product

This company makes coconut milk products such as creamers that are fat free and void of all the artificial ingredients in traditional creamers.

99¢ off when you buy any SIX (6) Gerber® 2nd Foods® Organic Pouches

Organic baby food….great for toddlers and pre-schoolers, too! I keep these in the car for whenever a snack is requested.

55¢ off when you buy any TWO (2) 5.3oz cups OR ONE (1) 16oz cup OR ONE (1) 4oz 4-pack of Stonyfield Organic Oikos Yogurt

Organic yogurt so it has no growth hormones and no artificial colors. This coupon will double at PC and ShopRite.

Save 50¢ on any one (1) Baby Mum-Mum® or Toddler Mum-Mum™ product in the USA only

My daughter has loved these for years! They come in organic and have just a few simple ingredients. Find at Price Chopper, Target or Buy Buy Baby.

Save $1.00  on any Star® Olive Oil (16 oz. or larger)

Olive oil…heart-healthy in moderation.

Save 55¢  Off Any Florida Crystals® Natural or Organic Sugar Product

While it’s not sucanat (the least processed/better form of sugar) it is much easier to find in the grocery store and less processed than brown and white sugar.

SAVE $0.50 On ONE (1) Del Monte® Fruit Naturals® Mango cup

Fresh fruit may be better but this is a deal for a quick snack. Look for it to go on sale for $1 to get one for free!

This is a SavingStar coupon. Select it and when you purchase $14 worth of Dole frozen fruit between now and 4/24, you’ll earn a $5 gift card! 

Save $5.00 when you spend $14.00 on any DOLE® Frozen Fruit Single-Serve Cups, Frozen Fruit, Fruit Smoothie Shakers & Banana Dippers.. Expires 4/24/2013. Save $5.00.
(Click the image below for more information.)

Don’t forget vitamin coupons, too!


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