Schwan’s Food Delivery: 50% Off


I recently placed my first Schwan’s order in a long time and was glad I could order chicken, burgers, fruit and easy to prepare meals (everything is frozen) that were delivered directly to my home- and at 50% off!

Here is what I received for $66.37 total (delivery was free but took several days to arrive):

Fully Cooked Oven-Baked Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets (2 lb)
Black Angus Beef Burgers (8)
Five-Cheese Garlic French Bread
Rising Crust Five-Cheese Pizza
2 Classic Crust Four-Cheese Pizzas
Multi-Grain Loaf (6)
Diced Potatoes O’Brien
Golden Fruit Blend (24 oz)
Quick-Bake French Fries
Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas (4)
Triple Berry Blend (24 oz)
Tropical Fruit Blend (24 oz)

I used the code FIFTY to get 50% off an order (valid up to $100 orders so max value is $50) for first time customers (It was many years ago I had last ordered so I was considered “new”). This code is valid until June 30, 2020.  In addition, when I signed up for their mailing list, they sent me another code for 50% off.

The frozen pizzas (I had heard from a friend they are good!) where on sale when I bought 3. (Schwan’s has different sales each week.)


In the past, I used to order just their multigrain bread because they were so good! They still sell them.

Kids wanted french fries so we got a big bag!

When the Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas arrived, I realized they were also loaded with vegetable and jalapeños! My kids, who usually pick vegetables out of things, ate them all and loved them! Didn’t find them spicy at all. That was a win!

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