ShopRite: $1 Blueberries and Clearance Finds

I ran into ShopRite today to pick up the blueberries they have on sale. A 6-pack of on blueberries is on sale for $5.99! That’s only $1 per pint with no coupons needed- a great deal!

I also found lots of marked down items and spent less than $15 on all of this:



Here are my finds:

6-pack Blueberries $5.99

Quart milk .67 cents (We get our milk delivered from Meadowbrook Farms but needed a little bit more to hold us over until our next delivery. Lots of milk was marked down and I saw gallons for only .97 cents!)

Earthbound Farms lettuce $1.49 but FREE with this coupon good on any Earthbound Farms product.

Sugar snap peas $1.35

Frozen peas 6-pack $1.34 (my little one loves peas so I bought 5 bags!)

All the items looked great even though they were marked down since they are expiring soon (except for the frozen peas, which had a March 2014 date). If you’re shopping at ShopRite, keep an eye out for stickers like this for great deals- especially in the produce department!




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