2021 Entertainment Books for $10

You can grab a 2021 Entertainment book for only $10 (shipped for free) right now. These books are packed with coupons for restaurants, attractions, stores and more. You can easily make your money back by using just 1 or 2 coupons and each book contains hundreds! View the books and … Continue reading

Hannaford Coupons in Today’s Paper

If you are a Hannaford shopper, today is a great day to pick up the Times Union! The following high value coupons are all wrapped around the front page of the paper:

Target and Hannaford Coupons in Today’s Paper

Today’s Target ad in newspapers is full of coupons. Find coupons for: $10 off an apparel, shoes or accessories purchase of $40 or more   $20 off a $75 purchase of apparel, shoes or accessories $20 gift card when you spend $100 in the baby department¬† And $10 off a … Continue reading

$5 Hannaford Coupon and More in Today’s Paper

Today’s Times Union had a few great coupons and is worth picking up if you don’t already have it. Find a $5 off $50 coupon for Hannaford on page A9: There is also a $5 off $30 coupon for Hallmark stores:   And my paper had a SavingsSource coupon booklet … Continue reading

Hannaford, Target Coupons and More!

Today’s Times Union newspaper has some great coupons! In addition to 2 coupon inserts and some ShopRite and Price Chopper store coupons, find: $10 off $50 and $25 off $100 at Target on toys and games in the Target ad (also find them in the Target app). Plus $5 off … Continue reading

Many Coupons in Today’s Newspaper

Today’s Times Union has 5 coupon inserts and many store coupons for Target, ShopRite and Price Chopper in their ads!

$20 Honest Weight and $12 Hannaford Coupons

In today’s Times Union, find these coupons for Honest Weight:   And one for $12 off a $50 Hannaford to go order:

Coupons in Today’s Newspaper

In today’s Times Union, find the following coupons: 4 coupon inserts Target coupons: ShopRite store coupons: Price Chopper store coupons:

Hewitt’s Store Coupons

Hewitt’s has the following new store coupons that can be printed HERE. Valid until 10/30/18.

Coupons for Freebies at ShopRite in Today’s Paper

Find coupons for 5 free items at ShopRite on the front page of today’s Times Union: