Using Rebates to Save Money

One of my favorite ways to save extra money on grocery shopping is with rebates. But not any rebates. I love beer rebates! Yes, beer but here’s the thing- in New York State, most food rebates from beer companies do not require you to buy the beer! I discovered this hot little tip this past spring and have already earned back over $150 from these rebates! (*See bottom of post for rebate giveaway!*)

Here’s the scoop:

  • Beer rebates for grocery products (i.e., a Shock Top rebate for $4 back when you buy a pumpkin) often require NO beer purchase in NY!
  • Beer rebates can be found at the grocery store. Look for beer displays in the produce section or the ends of isles with rebate tear pads, find them near cases of beer or the item on the rebate form (i.e., one Price Chopper has a rebate for lobster right next to the fish counter) or even look above the beer cooler as tear pads are sometimes posted there.
  • Beer rebates are also sold/traded on eBay and on SlideDeals (though, technically, they are not supposed to be).
  • Read them closely to see if a beer purchase is required. Again, in NY, most do not require beer.

Now I have a special treat to get you started! There is a rare online rebate I can share with you. It’s rare for two reasons: 1) it’s printable and 2) you may submit up to 3 of the same rebate per address! Here is what you need to get started:

  • Go here to print a rebate form from Pyramid Ales
  • Spend at least $10.01 on specific grocery items* to receive a $10 rebate. (on the same receipt)
  • Submit the receipt with the rebate form and UPC symbols from the products— receive $10!
  • This rebate requires you purchase any items used in Pyramid Ales’ fall recipes. Here is the list of items:
    • short ribs on the bone
    • flour
    • olive oil
    • tomato paste
    • chicken or vegetable stock
    • Cyprus Flake sea salt
    • celery
    • carrots
    • onions
    • Fresno chile
    • fresh garlic
    • fresh thyme
    • fresh rosemary
    • bay leaves
    • black peppercorns
    • coriander
    • dry red wine
    • cinnamon sticks
    • unsalted butter
    • salt
    • pork chops
    • fresh corn
    • avocado
    • cherry tomatoes
    • jalapeño pepper
    • scallions
    • fresh cilantro
    • limes
    • chicken breast
    • bacon
    • heirloom tomatoes
    • red onion
    • sherry vinegar
    • fresh basil
    • goat cheese
    • arugula

*items cannot be private store brands

So start with this rebate and try it out. I don’t recommend buying specific items just because you get a rebate but if they were items you would purchase anyway, take advantage of it! Let me know if you find any rebates in stores (Hannaford and Price Chopper often have them).

Want to know what rebates to look for? Sheila over at A Super Savvy Saver has a great list of current beer rebates!

*Giveaway!* Would you like to win this rebate for $4 back on the purchase of a pumpkin this month? Enter your name and email address here to win. Winner selected on Sunday the 14th.

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