Whole Foods Shopping Trip- and Finding Deals!

Yes, I was one of those people who ventured into the new Whole Foods on opening day….but I just couldn’t pass up the $15 coupon and I’m fortunate that it’s super close to my office so I can easily run there on my lunch break!

By now, everyone has heard the rumor that Whole Foods is overpriced. Here’s my take on it:

  1. The Whole Foods regional manager has said that the Albany store will price competitively for the market (so far it’s a mixed bag but you do get high quality here)
  2. Whole Foods has store coupons! Lots of them. And you can pair them with manufacturer’s coupons. Find store coupons HERE to print or in store.
  3. The sale prices I saw were really pretty good! See the current sales flyer HERE. (Sales run Wednesday-Tuesday)

Here are a few of the things I picked up:


2 lb of organic strawberries for $4.99

I was thrilled to find this giant container of ORGANIC strawberries on sale for $4.99 PLUS I used a coupon for Driscoll’s berries (print one HERE for .50 cents off and earn more coupons every time you complete a survey about their berries.)

Pints of blueberries (conventional) were only $2 (and they were Driscoll’s so they work with the coupon, too!) and organic raspberry half pints were $2.99.


4 pack of squeeze fruit for $2

My kids love squeezable fruit and I take them on all our car trips. I like this brand and they were on sale for only $2 for a pack of 4.


8 pack of yogurt tubes for $2.99

Another favorite in our house (especially frozen) and these were on sale for $2.99. I love that this brand is naturally low in sugar.


My “splurge” at $3.99

These were not on sale but I couldn’t resist these kids cookies made from good ingredients AND educational?? (They have pictures of each state and its capital on each cookie). Fun!

I’ll post more deals as I come across them. The store was so packed opening day and my time was limited so I didn’t get a chance to thoroughly explore everything. Overall, you can’t beat the quality and there really are many great “finds” there!

Feel free to share your finds, too!

Finally, check out all their upcoming events HERE! If you go, please share your experience.

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