Wholes Foods $4 Lunch Special (Wednesdays)

Here is my “find of the week”: A Whole Foods lunch special offered every Wednesday starting at 11:30 AM for just $4!

If you’ve visited Whole Foods in Albany, you know that they have a lovely lunch selection. Some of the items can be quite pricey and though I’ve tried some of their excellent salads from their salad bar, $9 a pound adds up quickly!

Each Wednesday from 11:30 until they sell out (this week they were sold out in less than one hour), Whole Foods in Albany is offering $4 bento boxes complete with 4 select salad entrees. This is their way of offering a sampling of 4 different products from their salad bar each week for people to try. Here’s what my co-worker and I picked up today:



It may not look it from the photo but there was 12oz of food in the box- a decent amount of each salad to make up a lunch-sized meal. Neither of us liked the green garbanzo bean salad with quinoa and mint (we wanted to but it was just too dry) but the other three were very good. Definitely worth a try if you are in the area on a Wednesday!

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