Why You Need a Tick Spoon Now

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It’s that time of year when we’re outside and so are the ticks! Last year, I mentioned that a “tick spoon” had come in very handy for us to remove a teeny, tiny tick off my daughter’s thigh. This weekend, we used it again to get a tick off me!

What’s a “tick spoon?” It is this handy little plastic thing:


Just place the opening in the spoon around the neck of the tick and lift up until the skin tents. The tick will then release the skin and you’ll have the entire tick trapped in the spoon- head and all (which is sometimes difficult to do with tweezers.)

This is the nasty little one that came off me! We’re keeping him in a bag just in case we need to test it.

I hate ticks.

Amazon sells tick spoons in 3 packs and they are considered an “essential” item so shipping is still pretty quick! This is a different brand than I have but the same concept and only $3.95 for a 3 pack! (Free shipping with Amazon Prime)

I highly recommend everyone own these as the weather heats up and we are exposed to more ticks. The one on me I picked up in my backyard! The Tick Check brand is $3.95 for a 3 pack and the brand I have, Ticked Off, is $9.95 for a 3 pack. Definitely one of the best things I bought on Amazon!

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