Win $40 in Free Products from kidfresh

Did you know it’s frozen food month? Well, that means I have a fun giveaway for you!


Back in November, I met the folks from a company called kidfresh™  at the Moms Meet WOW Summit in Orlando.


kidfresh™ makes frozen foods for kids that have secretly healthy ingredients including hidden vegetables and whole grains. They use non-GMO and sustainably sourced products. And they taste pretty darn good (not that I get to try a lot since my kids gobble them up).

WOW summit

I’ve been buying their chicken nuggets since I discovered them at ShopRite. They are the perfect standby food to keep in the freezer and heat up in a pinch for the kids (they take less than a minute in the microwave). My kids have NO IDEA they have vegetables ground up in the breading.


This month, kidfresh generously sent me coupons to try six of their products for free AND they will send one of my readers coupons for $40 worth of FREE kidfresh™ products! Read on.

Unfortunately, it was hard to find six different kids fresh™ products in the Capital Region but I did discover they sell them at numerous stores including Walmart, Whole Foods, ShopRite and Hannaford. The ones I found most often were chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and quesadillas. (Walmart had the lowest prices):


Here is a sampling of what my kids tried:


First up was the pizza: whole grain crust and hidden vegetables (pumpkin, actually) in the sauce. My toddler was most excited to try it.



I thought it tasted pretty good but my oldest was thrown a little by the crust. It was a big hit with my toddler. It does look good:

kidfresh pizza

The next night, we tried kidfresh Chicken and Rainbow Rice (great name!). I was a bit surprised to discover it really wasn’t seasoned but my daughter declared it “delicious” and said she could eat it every night! (note: it’s a lovely meal but the serving size truly is kid size)

kidfresh chicken


The next sampling was of kidfresh spaghetti with meat sauce. Another huge hit and both kids enjoyed it.



We also purchased kidfresh Wagon Wheels Mac and Cheese but haven’t yet tried it. I may have the only children in America who BOTH do not like mac and cheese (though my oldest has agreed to give this one a try).

I am very excited to have discovered this line of kid’s meals that are made by a company that truly cares about what goes in their food. I’m sold.

Would your little ones like to give them a try? You can print a coupon for $1 off HERE ….PLUS, I am giving away a pack of coupons for $40 worth of free kidfresh™ products:

kidfresh coupons

How do you enter?

  1. Leave a comment below saying whether or not you have tried kidfresh™ yet (if yes, what’s your favorite?)
  2. Be sure to be a fan of Capital Region Finds! There are lots of ways such as like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, join my circle on Google+ or subscribe on the top right!

Good luck! A winner will be randomly selected on March 31st and notified via email.

****UPDATE: Congratulations to the winner, Leidy R.!****


(Note: The kidfresh™ product coupons and giveaway were provided to me for free for my review. All opinions are my own.)



18 thoughts on “Win $40 in Free Products from kidfresh

  1. I have never tried them but our kids eat them fairly regularly. Their favorite, given the requests, are the quesadillas.

  2. We have not tried Kids Fresh yet but it all looks great… Looking forward to trying them out. Finally, an alternative to Kids Cuisine!!

  3. I haven’t tried Kid Fresh but I can’t wait! Always looking for good options when I’m in a pinch which is usually more than I’d care to admit:)

  4. I have never heard of kidfresh. It sounds great, but I just hope they have allergy-friendly options.

  5. My kids have not tried kidfresh yet but I’m pretty sure they would luv to try the chicken nuggets and the wagon wheels mac+cheese. Thanks for the chance to win

  6. My little guys haven’t tried Kid Fresh yet, but I would love for them to check it out!

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