Win Purex Ultra Packs with Oxi

Purex kindly provided me with their new Purex Ultra Packs with Oxi to try out and a coupon for a reader to try them for free, too!


I love the Ultra Packs! Did you know that we use way more detergent in our laundry machines than we should, especially in HE machines? (I always wondered why those small bottles work for 32 loads!) Well, the Ultra Packs are little packs of pre-meaured detergent that you just throw into your washer with the clothes! No extra detergent is wasted and there is nothing to measure! So easy!

Plus, the “Oxi” cleaning power gives an added boost to your laundry to make sure the stains come out. It has been working great for us.

Want to try it for free? Enter HERE for a chance to win a coupon for a free full-size package. Winner will be selected Wednesday, October 9th after 9 PM. Plus, click here to enter Purex’s $50 giveaway.

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